Annis McGowan


Once I discovered the art of needle felting it became my passion.  I love the way wool can be sculpted into my own creations. I always liked to work with wool such as knitting and crochet  but I didn’t like to follow patterns, with needle felting I found the freedom create my own designs.
The method of needle felting is achieved by using a felting  needle and repeatedly stabbing the wool which fuses it together.My sculptures are made firstly by building a wire armature and then covered with wool to felt for the finished piece.
Living in Cumbria I am able to  walk the fells and get close to the native Herdwick sheep of the Lake district  inspiring me to create my own herdwick sheep sculptures, doorstops and cushions using their wool. I like to use other British wools as well as Merino and Alpaca.
Other subjects I like to felt include wildlife such hedgehogs, owls and folks shepherds and hikers.

Herdwick doorstops

Ewes £75.00 Rams £85.00





Owls from £25.00






Herdwick from £39.00 










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