Ian Swithenbank Ceramics

Ian was born, and still lives in Mirfield, a village in the heart of West Yorkshire. An area known for amongst other things, its textile industry, which has sadly diminished over the years.


“I am fortunate to live a short walk away from the canal that runs through Mirfield and within minutes from one of the former mills that is situated next to Hopton Woods. It is a place of inspiration for my work, with the natural forms and surfaces that the woods offer in contrast with the images of the once flourishing textile industry."


Having always been attracted to natural surroundings and organic surfaces, the ceramic forms Ian creates embody the varied surfaces and textures of the landscape around us.

Ian uses a variety of techniques to push the tolerance levels of clay, often producing something unexpected in appearance. ”I get immense enjoyment from working with clay and allowing my thoughts and decisions influence the way in which a piece develops.”

The responsiveness of the material to the most delicate of touches and the way it can hold it's shape even when put under a certain amount of stress can be seen within Ian’s work.


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