Jane Adams Ceramics

jane-adamsJane's work is inspired by her own busy household of cats and a childhood home where the family cat had his own place at the Christmas dinner table. She currently has four cats of her own.

She was self-taught at first and subsequently trained in ceramics at Loughborough University becoming a full time ceramic artist in 1998.

Her work has a gentle sense of humour and does not try to be accurately representational. She seeks to capture the character and spirit of the animals she makes, and says she actively avoids the `cute'.

Jane works from her studio in the garden behind her Gallery in St Just and is continually developing and expanding her range of pieces.

She uses a crank stoneware clay and fires in an electric kiln to 1200oC making the pieces frost proof and suitable for use outside.

By Jane Adams
Woolly Jumpers


Hen (200mm H)  £50.00



Cat (110mm H)  £22.50 




Sheep (170mm L)  £34.00

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