Jenni Payne


Jenni Payne is a founder member of Florence Paintmakers, a small co-operative which produces a range of high-quality artists’ materials with Florence Mine’s haematite as well as other local pigments. These include St Bees Yellow from a local sandstone and Kirkby Grey which is derived from Burlington slate.  

She is intrigued by the way in which these local earth colours seem to resonate with many of the creatures in our landscape, including the Herdwick sheep. This iconic hardy native breed is farmed in the highest mountains of Cumbria. The rams are known locally as ‘Tups’ and have impressive horns, white faces and dense slate-grey fleeces. Traditionally, the farmers dress their coats with red iron oxide or ‘ruddle’ to present them at their finest in the local shows or Shepherds’ Meets.

Hefting is the traditional way of managing sheep which develops in them an innate sense of belonging, as do these Cumbrian colours.


'Herdwick Tup- Dick'   Pastel

  image size 41cms x 29cms        SOLD










'Lost in the crowd'   Pastel

  image size 27cms x 20cms         £125.00










'Herdwick Pimp'   Pastel

  image size 20cms x 27cms         £125.00 


'Methera a Dick'   Pastel

  image size 20cms x 27cms         £125.00 













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