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Hank and Kath, a couple who enjoy the freedom that comes with ceramic sculpting. 

Our ability in creating the pieces we do, is self taught.   We do have a combined 50 year experience in sculpting!   Learning through our mistakes (or unexpected new effects as we call them!) has led to the unique style and approach of our work.

Hank's approach to his work is filled with telling humour and character.  His pieces show expression and pose that are based from this foundation.  He also has interest in the human form and distortions that come from this.

Kath also finds her sense of humour coming out in her work.  More based on the endearing and simply stylised, she enjoys creating the local woodland and river wildlife.

As unique as our styles are, we feel they complement each other and are constantly learning from our ideas and styles.

All our pieces are uniquely sculpted from a range of stoneware and earthenwares, terracotta and occasionally porcelain.  We also use some slip casting.  We mix our own glazes to achieve a selection of colours that complements each individual piece.  

We believe that SapArt represents a quality that you can only get from an original.  We have, as yet, no restrictions on what we produce, from the absurd and thought-provoking pieces to the cute and endearing,   we hope to cover them all as time goes by, particularly focussing on the animal world, endangered and domestic.
Finally, we like to have fun and we hope our creations express this, but along with humour you'll see that we try to put some soul into our sculptures.


Please note that due to the quirkyness, and popularity of SapArt Ceramics, our displays of their work are constantly changing.







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